Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Weight Debate - Alexa Chung

If any of you have seen recent pictures from Alexa Chung's twitter and instagram accounts you will know of the recent debate over her weight. The controversial image sparked nasty comments such as 'Ew she's so skinny it's gross' and 'Your legs look unhealthy' which lead to her making both accounts private.

The controversial image that sparked hurtful comments leading Alexa Chung to make her account private.
A few months ago, she told Ok! MagazineI don’t expect everyone to like me, but I cannot express how frustrating it is not to be believed when you say, ‘I don’t have an eating disorder.’ … It angers me because I don’t want to be a pin-up for young girls just for being thin. I don’t want to be admired for being thin, as opposed for being dressed well, and I don’t want the two to get confused.”

Whether she has an eating disorder or not I personally think that she looks extremely thin. But I'm not going to judge because it may be natural but if that is the case then she should be looking to change her diet because there is just nothing healthy about the above image.

I think the media are too quick to judge when it comes to weight, whether people are 'skinny' or 'fat' the media feels they need to label them either way. Why can't they just come to terms with the fact that not everyone fits into society's idea of the perfect weight because I don't think anyone even knows what that perfect image is. The media will jump at models and label them as too skinny and shortly after jump at celebrities or other women and label them as too fat.

It's just a lose - lose situation either way. There is no perfect weight and apparently society can't accept that and yes this is going to sound very cheesy but everyone is different and we just need to accept and embrace that fact because there will always be someone out there just waiting to criticize you and tell you that you don't have the perfect body. It's okay, we get it, but in reality no one does and we just need to get over it.

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  1. I completely agree with you here. Alexa is beautiful but she does look unhealthy! It must be frustrating for her though, hate mail in any form is really not nice. I won't judge her, some people are just naturally skinny too I guess. Interesting read! :)