Saturday, 21 January 2012

Miranda Kerr Style

Miranda Kerr is my style icon, her look is so stylish, bold and elegant. She always looks flawless but she never looks as if she has tried to hard. And as for her accessories, I think Orlando Bloom would look just great with my new dress!

The Holly Golightly Lifestyle

This guide to the lifestyle of the one and only, Holly Golightly contains everything you need to  dress, live and think like Holly herself!

Tortoiseshell sunglasses, over the elbow black gloves, kitten heels, pearls, diamonds and tiaras are among the vast collection of Holly Golightly's accessories. Always elegant and tasteful, Holly's accessories are bold and go with almost anything. I have two pairs of tortoiseshell, wayfarer style sunglasses myself which I adore and they are still, a very popular style of sunglasses. One of them, a vintage pair found in the back of my grandmother's drawer, which has probably been sitting in there for the last 50 odd years, is the most similar to Holly's as the frames are larger and oversized. This just goes to show that Holly's accessories are absolutely timeless.

Holly Golightly Accessories

Salvatore Ferragamo kitten heels
$276 -

Black leather tote
$1,245 -

Marco Bicego diamond stud earrings
$3,530 -

Miu Miu pearl necklace
$695 -


Jon Richard hair accessory
£18 -

Sportmax long black glove
$139 -

Bright, bold and beautiful are words that come to mind when describing Holly's wardrobe. I adore how she has minimal pieces of clothing, yet they are all of a very high quality and are classic, stand out pieces. Her staple piece, the little black dress, is safe, yet always elegant and classy. Even though we can't all have the original Givenchy number worn in the movie, there are many out there that look just as good. Avoid buying unnecessary, cheap items of clothing that will fall apart over time and aim to save for higher quality, timeless, gorgeous pieces to achieve the Holly Golightly wardrobe. 

Holly Golightly Clothing

John Lewis black bow dress
£65 -
Dorothy Perkins loose dress
$17 -
Dorothy Perkins sleeveless dress
$89 -
Phase Eight cowlneck sweater
£49 -
Cotton jacket
$779 -
Burberry coat
$1,495 -
Étoile Isabel Marant tweed skirt
€225 -
Rag & bone skinny leg jeans
$165 -
Anniel leather ballerina flat
€55 -
Hobbs low heel shoes
£119 -

Who else would have a sofa made out of a bath, keep there phone in a suitcase, ballet flats in there fridge and have a cat named cat? Only Holly Golightly could have an apartment filled with such absurdities! Original and unique, Holly's apartment is minimal yet contains extraordinary decor and furniture. When going for the Holly Golightly look in your apartment, I recommend searching through old thrift stores and vintage shops to find truly unique and individual pieces. 

Holly Golightly Apartment

Paul & Joe Eye Color Primer
185 SEK -
$125 -
French Furniture - French Mirrors
£129 -
Regency Pink Fabric Cushion
£25 -

• Keep extra perfume and lipstick in your mailbox for last minute touch ups
• Beat the 'mean reds' with a trip to Tiffanys
• Steal things from the five and dime ($2 shop) occasionally, to keep your hand in
• Keep track of the ten richest men under 50 in your area
• Marry for money
• Remember people don't belong to people
•Always look fabulous
•Don't read important letters without your lipstick
•Be independent
• Spend some alone time
•Don't worry about insignificant details
•Speak with a sophisticated accent
•Don't accept drinks from disapproving men

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Huka Falls!

Last week I visited the Huka Falls in Taupo with my friend and my family. They were so amazing and the colour was so gorgeous!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Iko Iko


Iko Iko started out as a little stall in a Wellington market and has grown into a gorgeous and much larger, gift and homeware store both online and on K Road in Auckland. They stock many cute and quirky items from homewares to books to stationary and many more gorgeous little things. After stumbling across their website I looked through the whole site and found countless things I wanted to buy! Unfortunately I don't have that kind of money but if I did I know exactly where I want to spend it!  My favourite thing I found was the Rice Paper Mache Deer Head for $265 NZ and I am just in love with it! I contemplated asking for it for my birthday which is coming up at the end of the month but there is just too many other things I want as well and if I got that it would probably be all I would get! So go check out iko iko to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for someone else, it really is a gorgeous store! 
Store on K Road

Rice Paper Mache Deer Head

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Things I'm Loving

My new Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum 30 ml $52

Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book 

MOR Body Butter in Neroli Clementine

OPI Nail Lacquer in Elephantastic Pink

Bundaberg Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Drink

Interior Design

Seeing these gorgeous pictures of interiors makes me want to redesign my whole room!

Stacking coffee table books looks great especially around other ornaments. 

Simple yet effective, small splashes of colour in an all white room look elegant and draw attention to the view. 

A little bit of greenery really freshens and brightens up a room.

Fairy lights, lanterns and mosquito nets look pretty and add a nice touch centered above a bed. 

Pictures and photos in different frames arranged nicely together looks cute and quirky.

This looks like a great diy project! Who knew that a bit of chicken wire, a hook, some jars and flowers could look so pretty?

This has to be my dream room, the all white bed is just perfect against that stunning wallpaper and those amazing windows. Simple yet effective. 

Recreate the 'love' print shown in the white frame by simply choosing a print or image off of the internet or one of your own, printing onto photo paper or some other nice paper and sticking in a nice white frame. 

My Face Mask

Even though it is supposed to be summer here in New Zealand, the weather is yet again, dull, rainy and windy. So even though I am on holiday at the lake I had to find something to do this afternoon that didn't involve going outside. I decided to try a homemade facemask. After googling some recipes I found one for oily, acne prone skin which (unfortunately) is the one for me.

The recipe:

1/4 cup of mashed (fresh) strawberries
1/4 cup of sour cream or natural unflavoured yoghurt

Leave on for 10-15 minutes

The face mask was really quick and easy to make. I used sour cream and I found it worked really well! As both ingredients came out of the fridge, the mask felt cool and fresh on your skin. It really tightens and tones the skin for a clearer and brighter appearance. The mask smelt and looked really appealing and I would recommend trying it!

P.S. - I made this

I came across this website after first discovering the book 'P.S. - I made this' which was born from Erica Domesek's website of the same name. This website is very professional looking, easy to read, well set out and the DIY projects themselves look very unique and quirky. The instructions which are step by step and easy to follow are featured alongside inspirational fashion montages to the theme of each project. The only thing I would have to complain about, is that several of the projects I found were very impracticle and tacky. However the motto behind both the book and the website, 'I see it. I like it. I make it.' was what really sparked my interest and has inspired me to continue attempting to make things I like the look of.  The book showcases over 25 projects inspired by iconic looks and runway trends. If this sounds like your kind of website, check it out here at

Miranda Kerr's Health and Beauty Tips

Australian sweetheart, Victoria's Secret Angel and wife of Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr is a face of good health and wellbeing. Always the one to look the best Miranda sticks to an organic lifestyle which includes her range of products, Kora Organics. This is her daily meal plan and some of her beauty tips.

Meal Plan:

* Fresh fruit salad with yoghurt and muesli
* 2 x Rye toast with avocado and boiled eggs
* Water with lemon and ginger
* Cup of green tea
Pecans, almonds and walnuts to nibble on for morning tea (sometimes roasted in tamari)
Fresh tuna salad with spelt crispbreads
Water with lemon
Dandelion Tea
Piece of fruit or nuts for afternoon tea
Either a salmon steak or other fish or Lamb Loin chops or a piece of steak with veges or salad
I don’t eat a lot of potato, but I eat heaps of greens and sweet potato and pumpkin roasted.
Cup of Green tea with ginger
Beauty Tips:

Travel well. The best jet-lag cure is drinking plenty of water infused with my all-time beauty essential, noni juice. I also find peppermint oil to be an amazing pick-me-up. I either burn it in an oil burner, or add a few drops to my bath. On top of that, a spray of Kora Energising Citrus Mist ($39.95) and an application of Kora Recovery Eye Gel Treatment ($54.95) under my tired eyes is a sure fix!

Use an eyelash curler first. Take it all the way to the roots of the lashes, squeeze and hold for three seconds, and then apply mascara. I love Lancôme Paris L'Extrême Lengthening Mascara in Noir Stretch ($52).

Less is more. Heavy foundation makes you look as though you're trying to hide, which can add years to your face. Instead, allow your skin to shine through by using a tinted moisturiser or a more translucent formula, and strategically blend concealer where needed (around the nostrils or under the eyes). I love Kora Tinted Day Care Cream ($59.95). It's a great base that gives a lightweight fresh glow, but still covers flaws.

Tressed for success My hair gets pretty tortured when I'm doing the shows, so I rely on Frédéric Fekkai Technician Color Care shampoo and conditioner ($38 each), and Frédéric Fekkai Technician Color Care Mask ($68). They are so hydrating for my hair, which is what I need, and they smell so fresh.

Hot hints My favourite thing to do is to use essential oils in place of traditional perfume. A few of my favourite scents are sandalwood, gardenia and ylang-ylang. I dab them on pulse points for a subtle, natural scent.
Finally, my all-time best beauty tip — one I will always swear by — is to dry body brush every day. It promotes movement of the lymphatic system, improves circulation and leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother (it helps keep cellulite at bay too). It really promotes an all-over glow!

New Years Resolutions

This is a list of my new years resolutions for 2012, I know it's a bit late for a post like this but I have been on holiday with lots of family and friends and this is the first real chance I've had to update my blog. 

My first two resolutions are more health related and are things I know I need to work on. Many people will tell you time and time again the drinking plenty of water is the best beauty habit not to mention the benefits it has on your body internally as well. I have also decided that as I am getting older I need to start exercising more, not for weight reasons but just as exercise is so healthy and keeps you feeling fit, healthy, fresh and alert. My other resolutions are just personal things I want to work on. Some are to do with health and beauty and others are just general goals. 

Do you have any of the same resolutions as me?