Frankly-Fashion was originally established as a tumblr in February 2011 and expanded to a Blogspot in November of that year. The original tumblr is still in use with just over 40,000 views.

With a social network audience of 3000 and increasing from tumblr, facebook, twitter and pinterest, sponsoring or collaborating with Frankly-Fashion is a great opportunity for your business. Sponsoring or collaborating with Frankly-Fashion will increase traffic to your site and spread interest and knowledge of your product or business. Frankly-Fashion is read by thousands of readers each month. The majority of readers come from New Zealand, Australia and America with more from Europe, Russia, India and Indonesia.

Your business can sponsor or collaborate with Frankly-Fashion in a number of ways such as:

A sponsored giveaway - When Frankly-Fashion hosts a giveaway of one of your products.

An advertisement on Frankly-Fashion - Can be in the form of a text link or an image located in the sidebar.

A collaboration - Can be anything from collaborating on a blog post to collaborating on a product or website.

So if you want to find out more about sponsoring or collaborating with Frankly-Fashion or you just want to send a girl free stuff, email your inquiries to rosa.shand@hotmail.com for more information. xx

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