Sunday, 15 July 2012

Peachy ♡

Unlike most of you I still have a week left of holidays (wooohoooo) and as I just got back to Auckland last night I had a quiet day at home by myself. I was in the mood to make something but I had no fabric or way of getting to the fabric shop not to mention I have no money either haha so I decided to do something with this Madame Hawke singlet. I bought it at the Ruby sample sale for $10 and I never wear it so I figured I had nothing to lose! What I made from it was a skirt (which is lined in navy blue fabric) which can be worn with almost anything - singlets, jumpers, baggy tops etc. To be honest I was v happy with it and I think I will try to make a few more with some different fabric! x

After having a very long break from this blog I have decided that I want this blog to be more of my own original content even if I have to post less often rather than having lots of posts of poor quality. You can also expect to see a lot more DIY/sewing posts like this one xx