Thursday, 12 January 2012

Interior Design

Seeing these gorgeous pictures of interiors makes me want to redesign my whole room!

Stacking coffee table books looks great especially around other ornaments. 

Simple yet effective, small splashes of colour in an all white room look elegant and draw attention to the view. 

A little bit of greenery really freshens and brightens up a room.

Fairy lights, lanterns and mosquito nets look pretty and add a nice touch centered above a bed. 

Pictures and photos in different frames arranged nicely together looks cute and quirky.

This looks like a great diy project! Who knew that a bit of chicken wire, a hook, some jars and flowers could look so pretty?

This has to be my dream room, the all white bed is just perfect against that stunning wallpaper and those amazing windows. Simple yet effective. 

Recreate the 'love' print shown in the white frame by simply choosing a print or image off of the internet or one of your own, printing onto photo paper or some other nice paper and sticking in a nice white frame. 

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