Sunday, 25 March 2012

Interview with Emily Miller-Sharma of Liam

I have always been a fan of Ruby Boutique so when I found this interview with designer Emily Miller-Sharma of Ruby's new label Liam, I just had to share it with you! 
Hey Emily. Describe the premise of the Liam brand to us.
Liam is about a sense of curiosity and wonder coupled with confidence and a relaxed sophistication. The clothing is modern with classic touches; soft, feminine silhouettes with the simplicity of men’s tailoring.
Tell me about the Winter 2012 collection.
For winter 2012 I was thinking a lot about what a modern ceremony is, and the way the we dress for them. This linked in quite naturally with symbolism: the objects and representations that we treasure. Little symbols incorporated themselves so easily in to the details of the:
A) pineapple ring and necklace, symbolizing welcome.
B) lace that symbolizes peace (olive branch) and joy (oranges)
C) an acorn embossed on a rivet that is attached to every garment, referencing the tradition of placing an acorn on the windowsill to protect from lightning.
The pieces are a lot about relaxed work wear and simple elegance. Tailored pieces mixed together with soft, feminine silhouettes. Navy, white and tan with bursts of vermillion, cobalt and a bright orange & yellow floral. The lace I was talking about before and a loose weave canvas bring in an element of gold.
Tell us about the four Podcasts you have made for Liam in collaboration with Charlotte Ryan.
Charlotte and I developed a series of Podcasts called “Thinking out Loud”.
Basically it’s really important for me as a designer as well as Liam the brand to be in conversation with others whether they are in a different discipline in the creative industry or in a completely different field altogether. I think that this kind of knowledge and opinion sharing is so important for the growth of our community and also just to keep our minds turning over. So Charlotte has brought together an array of people who we find really interesting, really admire their work, or we like their take on the world.
Interviewees include: Merrill from tUnE-yArDs, Carl Koppenhagen from The Engine Room, James Milne, Emily Perkins, Jacinda Ardern, Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls, Jason Munn and eating designer Marije Vogelzang.
The Podcasts will be played on Morning Glory on 95bFM and available to download from the Liam Soundcloud profile and here.
The Podcast themes & Release dates are as follows:
1. Modern Ceremony, Monday 20th February: what are modern ceremonies of today that we participate in and what do they mean to those interviewed?
2. Scent, Monday 27th February: how does scent work to evoke memory and influence the way we enjoy a space or moment in time? What is the      significance of scent through history?
3. Elegance, Monday 5th March: how do those in creative industries perceive elegance within the context of their field of work?
4. Modern Symbolism, Monday 12th March: how symbolism is projected in music and design in a modern context and how do those in these fields incorporate and perceive symbolism in their daily lives.
Finally, tell me what role you think clothing plays in our lives?
Clothing is something that we interact with every day, whether we think a lot about what we wear or we don’t, it is (almost) always with us. I think of it as our second skin, or the first space that we inhabit (and the room that I am sitting in right now for example being the second).
It plays a huge part in the way we experience the world and also in how other perceive us. From things which are as simple and practical, for example how a beautifully fitted dress makes the wearer feel compared top that is too tight and scratchy under the arms. Conceptually the amount of skin we choose (or choose not to reveal) alters the way that we interact with others, and the way that others interact with us.
You have always applied fine art to your designs for both Madame Hawke and Liam. Why do you think clothing can be a powerful communicator of ideas.
In a sense it’s just the sheer time that we spend in clothing: it is everywhere that people are. And it’s such an interesting combination of extremely personal (it is touching your skin) and public (someone you have never met before and will never speak to is able to see you wearing it)
Liam’s Winter 2012 campaign:

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