Saturday, 3 December 2011

Get Glowing Skin This Summer

Do you want glowing skin this summer?

Follow these tips to achieve skin like Miranda Kerr & Isabel Lucas!
♡ Exfoliate daily with a glove or mitten to brush away dead skin cells. This is especially important in summer as chlorine can really dry out your skin! 
♡ Moisturise after every shower and swim with gorgeous body butter for soft, smooth skin. I recommend MOR Neroli Clementine Body Butter. It works great and it smells amazing!

♡ For an extra glow, I recommend 'Dove Summer Glow' It's a moisturiser combined with fake tan. It applies really easily and doesn't go streaky at all. It builds a gradual and natural looking tan. I've heard it works on your face too but I have always been too scared to try it!

♡ If you want to tan in the sun, even though it is terrible for your skin, tan in short periods in the morning or late afternoon, not during midday to decrease the risk of burning. 

♡  Don't wear your sunglasses when you first go out in the sun as seeing sunlight triggers the production of the hormone that triggers the production of melanin. Melanin is what makes your skin tan and tanning is how your body protects itself from the suns rays. 

♡ For your face I recommend Aveeno 'Positively Radiant Moisturiser' It works really well and it is SPF 30, not to mention that it has tiny light diffusers which give your face a slight shimmer and glow.

Love Rosa xx

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